Patrick J Maloney LLC Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy pertains to the following iOS applications:

HAM Test Prep Free:  Technician
HAM Test Prep:  Technician
HAM Test Prep Free:  General
HAM Test Prep:  General
Amateur Radio Exam Prep Free:  Extra
Amateur Radio Exam Prep:  Extra

Patrick J Maloney LLC ("The Company") collects no personally identifiable information from users of the above listed iOS applications ("The Apps").  In fact, The Company collects no information on the usage of The Apps at all.

However, note that The Apps do communicate with The Company's web site (hosted by GoDaddy) to provide the user access to the iOS App Store, ARRL and FCC web sites, and also to display other apps available from The Company.  The Company cannot speak to the information that the hosting provider may be collecting during these activities.

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