Amateur Exam Test Prep:  Technician

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Join the amateur radio community!  Become a HAM by obtaining your Technician class license!

Amateur Radio License exams are composed of questions from a pool.  Use this application prior to taking your exam to study all possible questions.  Then, test your knowledge with practice exams!

After completing your first practice exam, the question pool screen will display your proficiency in each question group for all practice exams you have completed.

FCC rule text is viewable within the application.  All sections can be browsed from the main screen.  Additionally, for questions where rule sections have been identified, the rule text can be viewed on the question screen when studying the question pool or reviewing test results.

An in-progress practice test can be resumed if you exit the test or the application.

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Current Technician question pool is valid through June 30, 2026.

Versions of this application for both the General and Extra license classes are also available.

Contact us at with any comments, questions, or issues you have regarding this application.